Rescued Tamandua

Two month old tamandua
These pics are taken of our tamandua 3 weeks after she was saved from the flooded river.It is hard to say how many hours she spent in the river washed away from her mother. When we found her she was horrified and very cold.
We warmed her up and it seemed that she imprinted our faces in her mind, so after warming up she showed no fear of us and clinged to our bodies for warmth and security.

Initially she had couple of little wounds on her body, one bigger one on her head, one abscess on her stomach and 2 beef worms in her tail. We consulted our vet to make sure that we are treating her correctly. He said that in his opinion she is approximately 2 months old and that she is amazingly well recovered.
Since then she gained weight, we treated all the wounds, took out the worms and she is doing well.

A year later, on June 23, 2011 she was released in the jungle. She finally reached the size and strength of a self-sufficient animal. This is a picture of her at 1year and 2 months old, day before her release.
To see more pics of her please take a look at the slide show at: