Basic observations

Their back feet are well designed for walking and standing up.
When she feels threatened she immediately gets back on her back feet and swings her front paws in defense. See her front and back feet on this picture.

Her claws are pretty impressive, she uses them on this picture for opening the termites tunnel. She is hanging upside down and looking if there are any termites coming out from the opening. 
She knows how to use them for gently holding something- my finger in this case.

How she sleeps: from day one she sleeps through the night, then wakes around 9:00am, we bring her outside to eat termites, walk with her around from one nest to another, till she is finished eating, then she eats a bit more of fruits and goes to sleep for few hours, till she wakes up around 3pm and then she is active for couple of hours, then goes to sleep again after eating till 7-8pm. During the night she sleeps in the 1/2 room enclosure inside the nest that she makes our of warm blankets and paper. During the day she prefers to be either on my back, head, or sleep somewhere near me. She likes to be warm, her feet get cold very easily. She clings to my body all the time to get warm. When she sleeps on me-she relaxes, stretches her legs and tail, holds my thumb, or fingers with hers front paws, and plays with them by gently tagging on my skin till she falls asleep. She makes funny snoring noises once in a while, farts ones in a while, turns on her back and makes sure that she is holding on my fingers while she is asleep. Believe me it is not easy to do any work like that.

General observations: i learned how to take care of her by simply following her leads- she is very demanding in everything to be the way it is supposed to be done by her real mother... So, i have to learn to spend literally all my time with her on me- that is how it is in nature- their mothers only have 1 baby at a time, and carry them around on their back all the time.  She is very talkative- if i move away from her, she starts running and hoping after me and screaming quite loudly. I stop, she immediately climbs on my head and i can feel in her movements how irritated she is - it hurts (when she is in a good mood- she is climbing very gently).

Hygiene: she is a very clean animal and brushes her fir with her claws after each meal, cleans everything from under her claws with her tongue, and i watched today holding her tail with front claws and leaking it with her tongue to remove sand and dirt.

Private matters: Until i started taking care of her, i never cared about their bathroom habits.. Notice on this picture how big her belly is. It is 10 mins before she went to the bathroom.It is actually kind of cute- when she is ready to pee or poop, you can see it in her face- extreme concentration and her butt goes up in the air, as high as she can.  She always does it while she is sitting on my or my husband's head, just recently she decided to walk to the kitchen.  The amount of poop she produces every day is quite fascinating- it is approximately 1/2 of her body- 5-6 logs of nicely formed poop.... I know that normal people do not care about those details, but i find all those new things interesting.. So, below is the picture of her poop- look if you care, if not,, move on to other pages.